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Ebay Store Design and Listings
There is a lot to say about Ebay. We will try to keep it short. Ebay is a huge opportunity to get started in online business! Do research before you jump in. There is a lot to learn.
Click here for some really good information! Please read the WHOLE THING!
After reading above, you might need some help. You now know you need a professional looking logo and overall design to look legitimate, get noticed and make sales! We can help with that.
Take your time and do it right! It is a huge opportunity to show what you are made of. Make it nice, professional, thorough and attractive. (Both your Ebay Store and your 'Me' page.)
Please check out our "PRICES" page for pricing of logos and store design.
Step One: Change the Links to Store Pages. Start in my eBay (click) Manage My Store (click)Listing Frame. Under links to store pages, just change the order of your categories or change to different ones.
Step Two: Get Rid of Stale Listings. Go through your store and pick out a few items that haven't sold for a long time. End them and relist them. This is a good time to "spiffy" up any tired listings. This will re-sort your listings in the ebay system. I often have sales on items the following day, even if I haven't sold them in years.
Step Three: Check Your Item Titles Make sure you use these spaces wisely! Titles with duplicate words get sorted out. "New In Box Diamond Earrings Includes Gift Box" would be dumped because the word box is in the title twice. Use every word you can think of to describe your item: color; size; shape; theme; brand.
Step Four: Sign Up for RSS Feeds This is important. If you do nothing else, do this one. Start in My eBay (click) marketing tools (click) Listing Feeds (under RSS feeds for ebay buyers) (select) Activate your Store Inventory listings via RSS. (select) Make a file of your Store Inventory listings available (APPLY!)
Step Five: Use Your Extra Store Pages (click) Manage My Store (click) Custom Pages (click) Create a New Page. This is the place to load up on keywords (which actually describe the products you sell).
Step Six: Sign Up For (and use) Google Base Store Connector. Link This free service exports your listings to google search and several other search engines. (Hint: if you're getting a lot of errors, try sending your items in smaller batches.) These need to be reloaded monthly and they won't remind you. I think I get about 10% of my business from this service. Do not do this. It is no longer necessary.
Step Seven: Change Your Store Description Start in My eBay (click) Store Design (click) Store Description. Make small changes or large to make your content new!
Step Eight: Utilize eBay's FREE Promotional Mailings Start in my eBay (click) Marketing Tools. I send an email newsletter about four times per year. Any more than that and people ignore it.
Step Nine: Put Items on Sale Start in My eBay (click) Manage My Store (click) Markdown Manager. This sends the sale items to the top of seach and also, unless you opt out, ebay sends emails to your subscribers with your sale items.
Step Ten: Change Your Key Words Start in my eBay (click)Manage My Store (click) Search Engine Keywords found in the column on the right under store design (EDIT)
Step Eleven: Write a Guide This one is hard to find so start here Link Writing a guide helps in a couple of ways. First, it identifies you as someone who knows what they are selling. Second it give you an opportunity to create tags for the products you sell and drive in traffic.
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